Thursday, September 3, 2009


for five years of marriage my best friend along with her husband and one child already lives with her parents. just when she thought that their relationship would grow deeper, things are on the other way around. her parents have always been mean to her husband and been treating him badly. i was with mixed emotion when she texted me last night telling me,"nakahanap na kami ng husband ko ng mauupahan..pwede kaba punta dito sa bahay while we're packing up our things para di ako masesermonan ni mama?". i realized that for all those years that she entered into a married life, her parents have not yet accepted the fact that they have already entrusted their only girl to someone she loves.

my friend will be moving on..not that she wanted to escape from the responsibility that until now she thinks she'll always have for her family even when she's already married..but it's time that her parents too would realize that she has already a family of her own to attend to. i can only hope that their moving on will not break the bond she has with her parents. it may be sad but it's a reality that her parents will have to face.


the donG said...

i think it's also important that things like this happens. something not easy but for it's for the good.

chiquesan said...

reality hurts.

taympers said...

it hurts but we have to face it. somehow, life is indeed joyful and bitter.

prinsesamusang said...

i think that is a good step. sana things would go well na. buti na lang they made a choice in favor of the marriage.

bing said...

i think it has something to do with Philippine culture. and it is also one of the main reasons why we are still a poor and a third world country.

nahihila tayo sa kahirapan dahil ipinapapasan sa atin ang obligasyong di na atin pag tayo ay may asawa na. that's how it is in this poor country.

there's nothing wrong helping still but to make you bear the responsibilities when you should not anymore because you are already married and has a family to take care of is not right at all.

it's good news that your friend chose to be with her husband. maybe it is what is best for them and for the marriage to grow.

katcarneo said...

Awts, that sad, but it's only right that she and her husband move out. I honestly don't believe in living with in-laws and other extended family.

Her parents are the ones who need adjusting---they've got a grown-up daughter with a life of her own.Moving out doesn't mean she'll forget them completely. She can still continue giving them financial support that she is capable of.

bw said...

they say that when you marry, you leave your parents physically, emotionally and financially. I've heard this in a sermon. This is typical Judeao-Christian thinking in the western world and no wonder why they are a more progressive society.

You honor your parents but your main responsibility is your spouse and children. Many parents don't understand this and sad to say, many of us marry with the idea of bringing the parents into the equation.