Thursday, May 28, 2009

boys over flowers

Another Korean series is hitting the air wave now that I guess will go phenomenal like the Meteor Garden of F4. I don't know if a lot of us are aware of this since this is just another F4 version but we'll just see how much these characters would make the Filipino viewers love them.

However, I do still hope that our Filipino showbiz industry can also produce original series of our own without much franchising on Korean or other films to be known also in other country for our good in filming. Time when it's no longer us tagalizing their series but them translating our series into their own. right?


prinsesamusang said...

of course buying a series is the cheaper option. plus filipinos are suckers for foreigners. i do not watch a lot of tv though so i won't know the difference.

katcarneo said...

That one really hit it big in Korea, and the F4 fever continues long after the show ended. I'm not surprised it made its way here. I even heard some talk of a Pinoy version of Boys Over Flowers, the ways Kim San Soon and My Girl were re-made. Almost everything today is a remake of some other show or some old movie.

pchi said...


gosh. I'm guilty.

i watch it when I have enough free time (during dinner)

you're right. we should try to make our own concepts rather than importing them

but princess musang is right

it's more expensive so importation is really a practical alternative

Asian Traveler said...

I'm a Korean film fanatic. But I don't watch the tagalized version. I watch it on dvds. :) However, I agree with you, I do hope we can produce original series of our own.

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yanji/ebeg blog said...

Oh I didn't know this one. I just finished watching Dae Jang Geum and the King and I..I like the Joseon ones with all the costumes and stuff. I even learned a few Korean words too watching these series.
Well I just got married to a Chinese and he likes them too. I also learned something else about the korean Language they use yo at the end to make a word more polite sounding..that's why every time I used to hear the Tebi Mama say MOYO? I used to know she was saying MORA? lol.

tikya said...

i like the korean version of boys over flowers. casts are yummier that the other 2 versions. haha