Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get your own stylish native necklaces now!

Avail these native necklaces and have your own style! Make yourself even more alluring and stylish while wearing native accessory even when you are in your best suit for work or on special occasions. It's good to be different somehow! Fashion doesn't have to be wearing silver or gold to be elegant-looking. It's just a matter of how you wear it and have it matched for any event. This stylish native necklace is made out of bamboo stalks with colored beads to make it even more attractive and small rounded metals that ring at the bottom and a gong-like object at its center. Please just click the item for clearer view.

Item A - Price: $11.99

This one is also made out of bamboo stalks, with small colored beads design and one small metal that rings at the bottom. Good thing with this stylish native necklace is that the rectangular size in the middle has its hole where you may also use to have your pen or pencil neatly stuck on it. This one is preferably a good match for business or office work suit. Please just click the item for clearer view. Avail these items now and we will have it shipped for free! Payment can be sent through Paypal. Just send in your email through nyl0426@yahoo.com for more details.

Item B- Price: $12.99

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